St. Paul Lutheran Church, Tripoli

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700 4th St. SW
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, IA 50676

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Introducing Our Pastor
Rev. John E. Block

Pastor John E. BlockI was born in Wisconsin during World War II. During much of the war my mother and I lived with her family while my father served in the army. After the war we lived in Milwaukee, then Chicago, then Detroit, and then Cleveland.The first major influence on my later ministry came from Pastor Robert Wietelmann of Detroit, who confirmed me.

The first eight years of my working life were spent in the steel industry. During this time I also earned degrees in economics, business administration, and theology. I was ordained in 1971 at St. Donatus, Iowa. By this time I was married and had a son.

My entire ministry has been in NE Iowa, and the first part of it was in The American Lutheran Church. During the late 1970's I began to be alarmed by events in that body and took time off from ministry to do other work and think. I came to the conclusion that a combination of crass expediency and scholarly unbelief were leading American Lutheranism down the wrong path. The result was that I left The ALC and joined the local LCMS congregation in Oelwein, Iowa, where I still live.

For the next almost three decades I was engaged in marketing, the last eight of those in the insurance industry. I might still be doing that, but in 2008 I survived an unsurvivable car-truck collision. While I recovered, I had time to reflect on this, and concluded that I had been spared for a reason, and that reason wasn't to continue to teach people how to sell more insurance. As soon as I could, I retired and sought, and was given, colloquy into the LCMS.

For about three years I was kept busy with supply preaching. In September of 2013 I began a regular relationship with St. Paul.

I have three adult children and three grandchildren.